I was born and raised in Brazil but living nowadays in the USA. My father was professional drawer in the army. My mother, when single, was a professional singer. In the 70’s I attended a military school where took some black & white photography classes. At that time, digital was not available only film and darkroom.
Worked 16 years with my father doing Silkscreen, creating arts and printing. 
In the begin of 80’s I began oil painting and left around 17 canvas behind when decided to move to the United States of America. 
For many years did not hand draw or painted again. Achieved some Photoshop skills and in 1995, purchased my first digital camera, a Canon. 
One thing I have never stopped doing when moved to the US, was taking pictures. Not professionally but, mostly for fun. Nature has always startled me, so, I explore it with my camera.
Some one once asked me; Why you do not put together your computer and Photography skills and start creating art again?
That got me thinking and I began doing some research about it. I found many interesting articles but one caught my eyes, Photoshop Artistry. The kind of work and techniques use by this online course hooked me. The arts created by amateurs and professionals, made me go back in time and, I signed for it. I found what was missing in my life, ART. So using the information provided, the knowledge acquired during the years, my pictures and resources from the modern world I started creating art again, 
Today when I am in front of the computer, I forget about time, problems, and everything else, and place myself in a dimension where the impossible becomes possible.
Art is everywhere you just have to look around you.

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