I was born and raised in Brazil. I will always remember watching my father drawing, oil painting, and doing silkscreen at his spare time; he was an active duty Army member, as was my whole family. That was how I started my baby steps into arts; following his footsteps. I took some photography classes when attended military school. At that time, there were no digital pictures so; we used Kodak films and darkroom, mostly in black & white.
Growing up I worked with my dad for 16 years doing Silk Screen. I loved drawing and creating graphic designs for the clients. At home when time was available between work and school, I would get a canvas, brushes and paint and let my imagination transform the white in some art.
But, life is not always about doing what we love the most, and when I decided to move to the USA my life changed completely. For many years I did not do any drawing or painting. Time was never enough at the new land. 
In 1995, I got my first desktop computer and discovered Photoshop. I was staggered with what you could do with it, so during the years I bought many Photoshop books and magazines and played with it just for fun.
At the beginning of the new millennium, I purchased my first digital Sony Camcorder and a Canon camera. Decided to take some video editing classes so I signed up at Media Concepts in NY for a complete Adobe Premiere training Classes. I like editing but something was still missing.
During all those years of my life one thing I have never stopped doing; TAKING PICTURES. Not in a professional level, only for fun. Love catching people by surprise; and surprisingly, they are the best pictures than the posed ones. Nature has always startled me, so, I explore it with my camera.
I am lucky man; I have an amazing wife, which has always given me support and understanding. One day she questioned me: Why don’t you put together your computer skills with pictures you have taken and start creating art again? That got me thinking and I began doing some research about it. I found many interesting articles, but one caught my eyes, Photoshop Artistry. The kind of work and techniques use by this online course hooked me. The arts that amateurs and professionals created made me go back in time and I signed for it. That is what I was missing. So using the information provided, the knowledge acquired during the years, my pictures and resources from the modern world I start creating art again,
Today when I am in front of the computer, I forget about time, problems and everything else, and place myself in a dimension where the impossible becomes possible.
Look around you, with an open mind, and everything you can see is Art, even life itself.​​​​​​​