Most of my work can be purchased at ArtBoja
They will take care of every detail from, printing to delivery.
At the present time you have three printing options :
1 - STRETCHED CANVAS: offers a textured surface to compliment each piece, and archival inks ensure decades of           long-lasting.
2 - BRUSHED METAL PRINTS: offer incredible textures, highlighting, and unsurpassed durability
 3 - HD ACRYLIC PRINT: A durable photographic print mounted to optical-grade acrylic Plexiglass, which protects and suspends the artwork in three dimensions.

     You can purchase my work by Clicking on any of my pictures, then click on the button "BUY THIS PRINT", which it will  will take direct to that picture page on Artboja. Or just click on any red bold ArtBoja on this page and you will be transfer to my main page on ArtBoja
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